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Save Money At JCPenney With The JCPenney Survey – How To Save Money At JCPenney With The JCPenney Survey

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JCPenney, like many successful companies, takes customer feedback very seriously. So much so that JCPenney has established a site especially designed for customers to provide feedback by completing a survey. Of course, customer surveys are a time-honored way to gather market information, as well as a way to keep in touch with customers.

There is also another type of survey offered by other companies unrelated to JCPenney, who nevertheless run various promotions for JCPenney products. These promotions offer a free JCPenney gift card in return for certain information, usually only an email address. In addition, customers may be required to fill in various surveys and respond to additional promotions. The big advantage of these independent offers over the JCPenney survey is that the customer is guaranteed to receive the JCPenney gift card if they complete all the requirements of the promotion. Completing the JCPenney survey only enters the customer in a draw in which they hope to win a gift card.

A perfect example of the free JCPenney gift card can be found by clicking on the link shown at the bottom of this post.

So by all means complete the JCPenney survey. You could win a $1000 JCPenney gift card, and you will be providing valuable feedback to JCPenney. But to guarantee your savings at JCPenney, complete the application for the free $1000 JCPenney gift card shown below. It’s that easy!

Free $1000 JC Penney Gift Card

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234 comments on “ – How To Save Money At JCPenney With The JCPenney Survey

  1. Kenny K is helpful and polite. Knowledgeable and presentable.

  2. Went to the mens dept. in Santa Rosa looking for a suit for my performance as a singer. Ryan was very helpful, and I was pleased with my suit, the price and the experience. Good job Ryan!! And the week prior, Dan was very helpful to get me ready to come shop. I like Jc penneys, it’s been around a long time, I’m impressed that it is still around while others have closed, and the quality is good. Thank you. Michael DiFranco

  3. jc penny is very good. and the empolyeeare freindly

  4. the things are very good looking,and are very reasonable.

  5. Mechell and other were great help in the Pines Mall Store.

  6. Pleased with my purchases

  7. Ellen P was very helpful when checking me out at the Memamec Bluffs store.


  8. Ellen P. was very helpful in figuring out how to best use my coupons.

  9. Ellen P. was very friendly.

  10. I love to shop at JC Penneys everuone is very helpful, and prices are great

  11. The service at the Yuba City Penney’s is just great! All of the employees are so helpful. I do have a lot of trouble navigating your website, however.
    I WOULD JUST LOVE TO HAVE A LARGER PENNEYS here. I hate having to go to anohter town when I need things and can’t wait for the mail order.

  12. Sol was amazing at the Sephora part. She helped me so much with what I needed.

  13. Shopped at jcp in Ashland, KY today in bedding department. Kayla was really helpful. Sure appreciate help at this time of the year.

  14. nice friendly people

  15. Cindy A. at store 2697 provided extraordinary customer service. She was supposed to just assist me in selecting a black evening dress for an upcoming ball. But she went above and beyond and helped me select a matching bra, shoes, bracelet, and earrings. She not only assisted she really cared.

  16. Yesterday I brought my whole family to get Christmas gifts.And the salesman in the shoe department was very rude,he kept coming and sending other people to check in my children,he also took a pair of shoes out of my grown son hands.Then proceeded to take the shoes I gave them to hold for me while I was in another department shopping.My family was very offended my this action and I bought 17 items.I am very shocked you allow someone to be treated in this manner.

  17. Products, sales, and JCP are excellent.

  18. I shop at JCP often. Sales, products, and staff are excellent

  19. just love the low prices!

  20. sadhana was very kind and helpful in the cashier thank you

  21. Why does your store have the ANTI- ADA policies? The Wheel Chairs are at the back of the store?? No electric chairs or scooter available. Why? I have trouble walking yet I had to walk to the back of the store and wait for someone to come help me. Then I found that I had to return the wheel chair and carry any purchases out my self. Why not leave the chairs near a door?

  22. Having shopped all over the store and accumulating numerous items the gals at the front counter were very gracious and kept track of them as they grew. Ana was a big help in the shoe department and Brittany T completed my purchases efficiently and all of them were smiling and courteous. This was late in the day and it was a very busy store right then. GOOD JOB SEARCY PENNEY’S STORE!!!

  23. a very nice associate to help me very satisfied

  24. i was very satisfied

  25. Halimo was very efficient and pleasant to do business with.

  26. Adrena was curtious helpful at the cashier line asked if we needed help so she took us first before a line arrived

  27. Ijust brought three jacket and picked them up at the catalog Dept. and lady worked on early shift on Saturday morning was very polite to me. Please tell her Thanks again in the Pierre Bossier Mall store.

  28. I went to Carson Pavillion mall to JCP, Claudia the cashier, helped me to do my shopping in the kitchen dept.She was very helpful

  29. I really appreciate the staff of my local Penney’s store. I have always been treated well and problems solved. The merchandise is great. Today I enjoyed being waited on by Alyssa. She could have been nicer. She is intelligent and has a leadership quality. Thanks to the hiring staff of JCPenney’s

  30. Thank you Annie for your assistance.. Annie is very knowledgable in her job.. GOOD JOB ANNIE!!

  31. Diana was very helpfull and curtious.

  32. caol and jo was very perfesonal and very frendly. held on my purchases while i still shopped and told me about all the specials and promotions.

  33. Love JCPenny, always

  34. I love JCpenny

  35. i just brought some workout clothes from the store that were a reasonable price and of good quality. additionally, the sales associate was very friendly and informative and was even able to assist me w/ the purchase of my first jcp card. thanks to jc penny for their good merchandise and thanks to michelle for her helpful customer service. i am happy w/ my experience at jc penny.

  36. I loved to shop JCPenny even in a big sale event because were not waiting a long time for a casher. They put extra cashiers. Terrell was the cashier who handled my multiple transactions and he was very polite and smiling face and I received a very good cutomer service on that day.I am more eager to go back to shop this store because their cupons has no restrictions. Competative product from a other expensive store. Go JCPenny… Terrell thank you for a good service..

  37. Cashier very helpful.

  38. we recently looked over your jewelry dept: myself being somewhat slow certinaly apprechated your associates. they were very helpful and knowledgeable.

  39. thank u very much mary pattison & allison highly for helpng me find a comforter in modesto for my granddaughter

  40. Shop at Penney’s west, store was crowded but lines move smoothly

  41. fayetteville,ga. 12-22-11
    I just had a great experience at your store.very helpful&polite sales people were full of the Christmas sprit,THANKS PHS

  42. Enjoyed my shopping experience! Staff is always willing to help you find what you need at the Pierre Bossier Mall Store

  43. mita was very helpful and polite I was highly satisfied w her services

  44. Karishma at the shoe department was very calm and pleasant despite of all the chaos around her.

  45. I always shop at JC Penny, its a great place to shop and I always buy my daughter’s clothes there.

  46. Dana and Tom at the Algonquin Commons Store (Illinois) were extremely helpful!

  47. Dana and Tom at the Algonquin Commons store (IL) were extremely helpful.

  48. I loved my sweater that i just bought. The service was amazing and very helpful!

  49. Always satisfied with Penney’s in Ventura,CA. Today(Dec26th I was really impressed with the courteous manner of the sales staff,especially Linda C.

  50. Ted was very helpful

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