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WWW.TalkToJCPenney.com – How To Save Money At JCPenney With The JCPenney Survey

JCPenney, like many successful companies, takes customer feedback very seriously. So much so that JCPenney has established a site especially designed for customers to provide feedback by completing a survey. Of course, customer surveys are a time-honored way to gather market information, as well as a way to keep in touch with customers.

There is also another type of survey offered by other companies unrelated to JCPenney, who nevertheless run various promotions for JCPenney products. These promotions offer a free JCPenney gift card in return for certain information, usually only an email address. In addition, customers may be required to fill in various surveys and respond to additional promotions. The big advantage of these independent offers over the JCPenney survey is that the customer is guaranteed to receive the JCPenney gift card if they complete all the requirements of the promotion. Completing the JCPenney survey only enters the customer in a draw in which they hope to win a gift card.

A perfect example of the free JCPenney gift card can be found by clicking on the link shown at the bottom of this post.

So by all means complete the JCPenney survey. You could win a $1000 JCPenney gift card, and you will be providing valuable feedback to JCPenney. But to guarantee your savings at JCPenney, complete the application for the free $1000 JCPenney gift card shown below. It’s that easy!

Free $1000 JC Penney Gift Card

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232 Responses

  1. sara mickelsen Says:

    Thanks for your help-found what we wanted

  2. Tammy Ashley Says:

    The service was very courteous and helpful, our item which was in your flyer was in stock and it was an all around great experience. As Always. Thank You

  3. sandy tansley Says:

    I love shopping at JC Penney my husband gets so frustrated with me at otherstoresI always find what I what I want and like at JC Penneys, plus you have the nicest employees always smiling and helpful. thanks again I found just what I wanted for work and other functions

  4. wendy lopez Says:

    Well I realy like the new store in hiram. The cashier are very nice and courteously not like other places.

  5. nancy buchanan Says:

    Shopping at jcp in zanesville ,ohio has become a treat in the shoe dept. Derek has been so patient and accomodating to us in our twilight years. Many shoes tried on, and he is always so helpful. We need more clerks just like this young man….

  6. Regina R LaBrew Says:

    I ejoyed the experience with my stylist Xenia Boulware she is very professional and have great maagement skills.

  7. Lupita Pardo Says:

    The service eas excellent and helpful. I found everything that i was looking. Good prices and quality.

    Thank you so much,

    Lupita Pardo

  8. Lupita Pardo Says:

    The service was ecellent and helpful. I found good prices and excellent quality.

    Thank you so much,

    Lupita Pardo

  9. Nola Staton Says:

    My shopping experience was very pleasant and surprising. I saved more than I spent. That’s always a plus!

    Thanks JCPenney!

  10. Julie Stone Says:

    The service was excellent. The clerk was very helpful in courteous, and funny, she had a personality.

    Julie Stone

  11. Gwendolyn Stewart Says:

    I just love shopping at jcp. The workers are always smiling and very helpful.

  12. Kay Birkette Says:

    This was my first time coming to your store and the i left happy and satified.

  13. Rabeea Fatima Says:

    I have purchased 1King Bed Set, and 2Queen Bed Sets. At JC Penny Furniture counter attended by Mr. Jerry he was very co-operative and have lot of patience and professional approach. I really appriciate his service and he was really helful durindg the whole procedure.the men were really accurate at their work.All the time they worked,it was fun.And now all our rooms look great.THANKS

  14. Marla Mose Says:

    I just left Penney’s and was helped by Melodie Winston. She was a very pleasant person and was extremely helpful. This young lady brightened my day once I informed her that it was my birthday.

  15. gloria pineiro trinidad Says:

    Do you have a phone Num. where I could call for Survey

  16. Lolita Stanley Says:

    Great sale

  17. Evelyn Leghorn Says:

    to JCPenny: you have a wonderful good potential; good Team player is Mrs. Beverly.
    JCPenny #2139

  18. Hazel Love Says:

    rosa w. is a great employee

  19. kriste Says:

    i will shop at the kids department because, they are very helpfu;.

  20. kriste Says:

    i love jcpenny store for kids

  21. ulises gutirrez Says:

    Jessice es excelente persona por atencion gracias

  22. Patricia Derksen Says:

    Plenty of selection. I was only in for a moment, but the store looked inviting and I wanted to look longer. All registers were open, so barely a wait. Hurray!!

  23. Sheryl DiMaria Says:

    Just bought beautiful dress for my X-mas party. The dress was on sale & also got $10.00 off.
    Associates were helpful in finding my size, courteous, &
    checking out was fast.

  24. grace wilson Says:

    Jcpenney is a good store to shop
    at,and also the people serving
    the costomers are alsome.

  25. afrieca simmons Says:

    the service at the store was good .thanks for your services.

  26. Janet Ceballos Says:

    Jcpenny’s service was great Narineh #614 was really helpful.

  27. cynthia lamb Says:

    I have always had a great experience at JCPenny every time I have bee./ I enjoy every moment I have spent at your store.

  28. Rowena Thurman Says:

    Krystal was very helpful and friendly.

  29. Theresa M. Dann Says:

    Gabe was curteous and helpful

  30. Patty Blevins Says:

    saturday when i was shopping Maggie and Gladys were both very outgoing and helpful. this store has the best team of employees. thank you

  31. theresa truitt Says:

    shopping at jcp is always a money saving experence. they have great sales,and i always look at the kids section for my grandchildren.

  32. Allison Shirlen Says:

    Thanks for the good help yoou have in the store.

  33. sheena isom Says:

    i love jcp

  34. sheena isom Says:

    i love this store

  35. Maria Mattioli Says:

    I made several substantial purchases at JC Penny within the past 2 weeks. No one ever recommended that I open a JCP account and that I would receive 30% discount on my purchases. On February 6 I went in to make a small purchase and Danielle in your window window trimmings department was at the register and asked if I wanted to open a store account and that it would save me 30%. I asked why no one had made that suggestion previously. She apologized. I told her that I had made other purchases and the the discount would have been welcomed. She suggested that I bring back my receipts and that she would make the adjustments. I returned the next day and both she and Gio made the adjustments. I apologized many time for the trouble I was putting them through and they both took great pains to assure me that it would be no trouble. I must say that these two young people have made the experience of shopping do much more pleasant that I intend to be a loyal customer of JCP from now on. I will always seek their assistance whenever I am in that department in the future. I hope that these two young individuals are an example of what JCP is striving to achieve with their employees. Thank you.

  36. Anthony Rugolo Says:

    I purchased shoes at your store
    at Meadows Mall in Las Vegas.
    Susan Kapala #953 was extremely
    helpful and nice. She spent
    extra time with me to choose
    a replacement for shoes I returned
    and made valuable suggestions about ended up to be another
    excellent purchase for me.
    Thank you Susan

  37. Connie Herrera Says:

    Coupons are so valuable to me. I have saved a lot of money using them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  38. l williams Says:

    The service at the store was good. Thank you.

  39. Donna Jones Says:

    Had a very nice time shopping at JC penney’s. very friendly staff would shop there again !!!

  40. Carmen King Says:

    Thank you Marylin in the department of women underwear in Hagerdstown, MD. I was highly satisfied with your services.

  41. ortiz ugladis Says:

    muy buen sericio

  42. Marie Croake Says:

    This morning I watched Jenny at the Peabody store give a customer exceptional customer service. She gave me the same service. The Peabody store has great sales people.

  43. Rosie Underwood Says:

    The Sales Clerk Adelina at Manassas Mill was professional and helpful.

  44. donna Says:

    survice was good

  45. lois wolf Says:

    jim szgala @ the altoona store was very kind and helpful. IT is so important that the customer gets treated like j.c.penney would have wanted it to be done. many thanks,lois

  46. Theresa Arena Says:

    I love the great deals at JC Penney.

  47. cathy d Says:

    love cataloge hoppings

  48. Colleen Says:

    JCPenny has always been quality and good service!

  49. sean dawley Says:

    I get my hair cut by Gina Gann @ the Carson City, Nv location. Great job every time!

  50. violet seay Says:

    I just love the personal care I get at my J.C. Penney salon..Tony does a great job..love my new look and, appreciate his patience with me .

  51. Carolyn E Hausenfleck Says:

    I love jc penney I can always find what I am looking for

  52. Dave Robinson Says:

    My wife and I were shopping at your store. We were helped by Shawna and Stephanie M.. We were very happy with our purchases and your staff….

  53. DEBBIE Says:


  54. Donna Lott Says:

    Helpful service in getting the right window coverings in my new house. Curteous when I have had to exchange one with color that didn’t match my bedding.

  55. Tony Navarro Says:

    Very friendly service! Always an enjoyable experience!

  56. Jennifer Says:

    Enjoyed my experience. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Items are easy to find.

  57. Jacqie Kruger Says:

    I thought the service was very helpful and everyone had a very good attitude.

  58. LUISA ROSA Says:


  59. Ann Jones Says:

    I recieved great customer service from Linda at the San Marcos store (jewlery dept.) I spent $530.00 and recived great savings.

  60. donna briggs Says:

    service at the salon is excellent and the rrnc store personell are really nice and helpful

  61. elaine Says:

    As I was buying 2 new bras the sales associate, Jackie at the Matteson,IL JCP asked if I had had a recent bra fitting. I hadn’t and she insisted that I have one before making a purchase. Good thing,as my size had changed. She helped me find just the right style and me know of other specials in the department. It was a highly satisfying experience.

  62. Jeri Says:

    I always find what I am looking for at Penneys. I love to shop there.

  63. Debbie Yang Says:

    I love to shop at JCPenny. Excellent services and price and quality. Thank you for the these.

  64. bertha arteaga Says:

    the service to to good to say all the sales persons are very friendly and holpfull i love going to this store cause the pricesare excellent.

  65. georgia Says:

    She was very helpful

  66. Maria Isabel Says:

    Natifa was very cordial, helpful and efficient. I gladly handed my money over to her : )

  67. Witold Says:

    Today(May-31st)at JCPenny 901 Ave.of Americas in Junior section Nicole and Julio were outgoing and very helpfull.They help me choose the right size for my dougther items and Nicole made for me additonal items on line.Thanks for good help You have inthe store – Witold

  68. Marie Elam Says:

    Bonita was very helpful with my recent purchase at the JC Penney store at the Tyrone Mall in St Petersburg, FL. I always know I will get what I am looking for at a good price and so I keep coming back:-) Thank you!!

  69. Rita Horne Says:

    My hair was so dry and damaged from being processed that I thought the only solution was to have it cut. The manager selected a stylist she felt could best deal with my issues. She did a color correction and conditioned it and my hair looks beautiful and feels soft and healthy. Everyone was professional and the salon was clean. JCP’s has a new customer. They know hair and I could not be more pleased. Thanks guys

  70. Jennifer Demski Says:

    I am pleased with your sales staff they are always helpful and in a great mood. Great sale prices too!

  71. DEB Says:

    I have been shopping at the New JCPenney’s at 33rd and 6th Ave since it opened. If has been a great experience.
    The security persons greet you with a” Welcome to JCPenney’s” on entering the store and
    ‘Thank you for shopping at JCPenney’s” when leaving.
    The sales staff are polite and friendly. The customer service is excellent.
    To be honest when the store opened I was very pleasantly surprised by nice service but thought it wouldn’t last.
    They prove consistent in providing an excellent customer experience.

  72. Rebecca Hill Says:

    I always find what I want at J.C Penney’s, I love shopping there.

  73. Dorinne Says:

    Great customer service and return policy on catalog orders. Thanks JCP!

  74. Maria Says:

    Wonderful experience of sale shop!!!

  75. Kris Bentley Says:

    Very friendly and helpful associates-went above and beyond to make the sale. Lots of selection and store was nice and clean! Keep up the great work!

  76. Kris Bentley Says:

    I love to shop at JCPenny. Excellent services and price and quality. Thank you for the these.

    Thanks Hailly!

  77. Kris B-Wisconsin Says:

    Sales associate Hailly was very helpful and I love the fact that she put my items in a garment bag. Lots to choose from in the store as well as the catalog.

  78. Kris B-WI Says:

    Store was good and staff friendly!

  79. Adrienne Armand Says:

    Clerk was courteous and helpful.

  80. victoria harrison Says:

    Great website, i was able to find everything i needed.

  81. Judith Riemersma Says:

    Zoe was very helpful

  82. Kelly Says:

    I love the great savings :)

  83. Joyce Lewis Says:

    My shopping experience with Carma was friendly, and she was very helpful. Also, she took my heavy items I purchased to my car!

  84. JANET Says:


  85. Barbara Koepplinger Says:

    Went shopping on July 4th. You had great sales going on and as I was waiting in line a woman handed me a 10 off coupon that she had cut out but did not use, so…..what would have cost me 76 ended up with the sales and coupon costing 22. GREAT SALE

  86. sharon marvin Says:

    I found the lady in the drapery dept. to be and excelent sales person. I always get exactly what I want.

  87. cheri Says:

    Have had hair colored a few time by Manda, does great job and has great suggestions.

  88. Janet Says:

    I found the curtains that I wanted in the size and color that I wanted. They helped me order them. Here in 5 days . Mary was a big help with a big smile.

  89. Regina Cortez Says:

    Ilove shopping at jcpenney, iwas looking for some blinds and a very nice employee help me hername is Ty Foley she did a very good job i was very satisfied with her help jcpenney should be proud to have her as an employee.

  90. george h. Says:

    Joelle at Watertown SD store very helpful and friendly

  91. Barbara Behrend Says:

    access code 1590382131107131119191. went to jc penny salon. hair stylist raven powell, absolutely the best stylist, very helpful and does a great job coloring and styling hair

  92. Marcia Says:

    My shopping experience at JCPenney was beautiful and convenient. Everyone was extremely helpful as usual.


    My sales person (Debby) was very nice, and prices were excellent!

  94. Mary Ann Falkenberg Says:

    Thanks to Natasha at the Ridgedale store. She was very helpful, and very patient. I needed to open an account that I hadn’t used for some time.
    I appreciated how she made everything easier.

  95. ANN Says:

    jc penney is a nice place to shop especially w/ 50-80% off on most items. i saved a lot. i enjoy shopping,pls. continue your 50-80% discount,or do it more often, so i can shop more.

  96. CARMEN Says:

    Verconia and Ellesse at Sephora counter were both very helpful in my decision on make-up and nail color. I was in and out of there quick, during my lunch. Thank you!!

  97. Mary Jane Willis Says:

    We had a great shopping experience at our Corinth store,Kelsey was very helpful.

  98. Joyce Bill Says:


  99. Patty Nelson Says:

    I was able to purchase my grandchildren’s school clothes with an unbelievable savings while being waited on by a friendly, happy & very competent person named, Sandra. Thank you Sandra for making my visit to Penney’s GREAT!

  100. pam Says:

    I love to shop at JC Penney…my granddaughters favorite store.

  101. vicki Says:

    found exactly what i wanted at a great price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  102. Kathy Barmak Says:

    I do not get to JCP often because of distance. I wish there was a JCP closer to my home.

  103. Kathy Barmak Says:

    I went to JCP today. I do not get there often enough!

  104. Margo & Kim Lawson Says:

    We both did some heavy shopping
    on Aug. 6th 2011. It was so delightful to have such great services thru out the many departments. When it was time to check out Wanda was exceptional.

  105. Becky Moxie Says:

    My vist to the Broward Mall on 8/6/11 was great with the help from Beth B and Helen. I was shopping for back to school for grand kid. They were very helpful.

  106. Tanya Lincoln Says:

    Very friendly and helpful

  107. Rodriguez Ana Maria Says:

    Courney and Drupatty are very good person and your attention are very professional, and the store I like

  108. D J Price Says:

    Iris did a wonderful job in helping us with outr shopping and was very pleasent thank you

  109. lorraine gregory Says:

    they r very helpfull

  110. Marjie Faul Says:

    Robin was very helpful and professional. I love shopping at JCP!

  111. Nimfa B. Sia Says:

    Alton was the one assisting me while I was shopping at the Foxhill Mall on August 16, 2011. He was accomodating in many ways.

  112. Nimfa B. Sia Says:

    I spent $200.00 on my shopping paying cash I just wish they can send me more discount coupons/cards for my next shopping cause I shop for a facility where I work.

  113. Patricia Miller Says:

    Amanda F was very polite in helping me look for what I wanted; she is very pleasant.

  114. lou Says:

    Always save alot money when we shop at jcp

  115. Joe Haertsch Says:

    Donica! At the Jewerly counter was very helpful and kind! Great Customer Service!

  116. joyce kuhlman Says:

    Returned a item in housewares and was very fast and easy, good customer service.

  117. Daniel Says:

    Frank from Store#2456 was very nice and patience.

  118. Randy Grayson Says:

    The ladies at the jewerly store were very helpful.

  119. Randy Grayson Says:

    the ladies were very helpful.

  120. Peggy Ramos Says:

    I shopped with my son for clothesand the sales girl was very very helpful in the men’s dept.

  121. Debra Gilbert Says:

    The Target in Austin Texas(south meadows)was a great shopping experience. Not only the great sale deals I got but the customer service employee was great. She talk to me about my day and if I found everything I needed!

  122. Randa Al-Ghanmah Says:

    David was a very frindly & helpfull, thanx

  123. Randa Al-Ghanmah Says:

    David was a frindly & helpfull, thanx

  124. becky creech Says:

    can’t read the woman’s name that helped me but was a ok experience

  125. Bill and Lila Harmsen Says:

    On this shopping trip to JCPenny in Fargo, ND we were helped by Jim in the men’s clothing department. The service Jim gave us was first-rate. He made us feel welcome and appreciated and not only helped us with our purchases but also gave us every possible savings. This shopping trip was actually fun! In this day when customer service has declined considerably it is so good to know that excellent service, like that which we received from Jim, is still out there!!

  126. Barbara Richardson Says:

    Maria Med, in the women’s dept. was very personable with a smile on her face during the early morning doorbuster sale. She also gave me directions to the petite section of the store. Great customer service!

  127. Rob L. Says:

    i came to your Horseheads, NY Arnot Mall store today 10/13 in the morning, to buy some dress clothes. I was waited on by a very bright and friendly, “Rebecca” who filled me in on your rewards progam and discounts. Hats off to her for making me feel very appreciated.

  128. Ms. Quesenberry Says:

    Monica, goes beyond her duty to help you, with ever thing as well weight on others to. She is a delight, and a pleasure. Her customer service is impeccable.

  129. donna Says:

    Rosemarc was very friendly. Saved money while shoping at jcp.

  130. June Says:

    Love Pennys, love the sports wear

  131. June Says:

    Love Penny sweatshirts

  132. belinda dingus Says:

    nice sales

  133. Nancy Higgason Says:

    Julie D. was courteous and friendly as she took care of my purchases at customer service

  134. June Newman says Says:

    Kim in the slipper dept.was very helpful in my purchase today.She went out of her way to help.Keep up the good work Kim

  135. Charlotte Diglio Says:

    Shopped on Turesday and was help by Cathy.. She was very helpful and courtous. WE felt very comfortable browsing the store…

  136. Joan Marie Says:

    Barb at the Clothing counter was friendly, clear in answering questions and very accomodating. Thanks, Barb!

  137. Joan Says:

    Barb was helpful and friendly!Thanks!

  138. William O, Says:

    Great help and was very kind. He helped us earn alot of mone. Thank you :)

  139. Tish McNeil Says:

    Maggie @ the spfld Mall store was so sweet and helpful when i checked out. She is a real asset to the jcp team. (:

  140. Susan Says:

    Shopped during big wkend sale, found what I wanted, good savings. Was rung up by a lovely young woman named Beonka M. who was wearing reindeer antlers..festive!

  141. Shemyiah Sipe-Heimes Says:

    Maria, at the jewelry counter was awesome!!! She is very helpful, and she is a sweetheart!!! She works @ the Tacoma Mall Penneys…

  142. barbara j singleton Says:

    first to shop at montgomery mall,the sales woman name Norma was very helpful.she was a delight.

  143. Dave friant Says:

    Brooke was very nice and polite. She also offered a credit card, which I declined. She didnt push it and I like that.

  144. Fayquelyn Johnson Says:

    Customer service was awesome !!! Thanks Lori

  145. S. Montoya Says:

    Store 2906, Assoc. 0639
    very helpful and courteous, plus saved money on items.

  146. Samantha Mosqueda de Reyes Says:

    Me encanto ls tiende el sabado tuve muchos descuentos y el servicio fue excelente Cristina she is very help me all and nice

  147. Connie Marpuri Says:

    I love shopping at jcp!!! I was at Jewelry Department, looking at watches & Miss JUNE is helping me with a good/great customer service, kind, polite & very patience. I ‘m very satisfied with her service.

  148. Joanne Lambert Says:

    Had to wait for someone tocome check me out,she was very nice.thanks

  149. Joanne Lambert Says:

    Had to wait for someone to come check me out but she was very nice.Thanks

  150. Edwin Teo Says:

    Staffs are helpful and knowledgeabe.

  151. Edwin Teo Says:

    Kenny K is helpful and polite. Knowledgeable and presentable.

  152. Michael DiFranco Says:

    Went to the mens dept. in Santa Rosa looking for a suit for my performance as a singer. Ryan was very helpful, and I was pleased with my suit, the price and the experience. Good job Ryan!! And the week prior, Dan was very helpful to get me ready to come shop. I like Jc penneys, it’s been around a long time, I’m impressed that it is still around while others have closed, and the quality is good. Thank you. Michael DiFranco

  153. guy Says:

    jc penny is very good. and the empolyeeare freindly

  154. ashmita Says:

    the things are very good looking,and are very reasonable.

  155. Jo Terry Says:

    Mechell and other were great help in the Pines Mall Store.

  156. Pat shellenberg Says:

    Pleased with my purchases

  157. Robbie McDonough Says:

    Ellen P was very helpful when checking me out at the Memamec Bluffs store.


  158. Robbie McDonough Says:

    Ellen P. was very helpful in figuring out how to best use my coupons.

  159. Robbie McDonough Says:

    Ellen P. was very friendly.

  160. Maria Weese Says:

    I love to shop at JC Penneys everuone is very helpful, and prices are great

  161. Karen Lewis Says:

    The service at the Yuba City Penney’s is just great! All of the employees are so helpful. I do have a lot of trouble navigating your website, however.
    I WOULD JUST LOVE TO HAVE A LARGER PENNEYS here. I hate having to go to anohter town when I need things and can’t wait for the mail order.

  162. Paige Riddelle Says:

    Sol was amazing at the Sephora part. She helped me so much with what I needed.

  163. Linda Says:

    Shopped at jcp in Ashland, KY today in bedding department. Kayla was really helpful. Sure appreciate help at this time of the year.

  164. john garcia Says:

    nice friendly people

  165. Mary Bridges Says:

    Cindy A. at store 2697 provided extraordinary customer service. She was supposed to just assist me in selecting a black evening dress for an upcoming ball. But she went above and beyond and helped me select a matching bra, shoes, bracelet, and earrings. She not only assisted she really cared.

  166. Tara Hines Says:

    Yesterday I brought my whole family to get Christmas gifts.And the salesman in the shoe department was very rude,he kept coming and sending other people to check in my children,he also took a pair of shoes out of my grown son hands.Then proceeded to take the shoes I gave them to hold for me while I was in another department shopping.My family was very offended my this action and I bought 17 items.I am very shocked you allow someone to be treated in this manner.

  167. Gladys Says:

    Products, sales, and JCP are excellent.

  168. Gladys Says:

    I shop at JCP often. Sales, products, and staff are excellent

  169. mary davis Says:

    just love the low prices!

  170. victoria Says:

    sadhana was very kind and helpful in the cashier thank you

  171. Ron Alford Says:

    Why does your store have the ANTI- ADA policies? The Wheel Chairs are at the back of the store?? No electric chairs or scooter available. Why? I have trouble walking yet I had to walk to the back of the store and wait for someone to come help me. Then I found that I had to return the wheel chair and carry any purchases out my self. Why not leave the chairs near a door?

  172. LaVonne Luck Says:

    Having shopped all over the store and accumulating numerous items the gals at the front counter were very gracious and kept track of them as they grew. Ana was a big help in the shoe department and Brittany T completed my purchases efficiently and all of them were smiling and courteous. This was late in the day and it was a very busy store right then. GOOD JOB SEARCY PENNEY’S STORE!!!

  173. D Franklin Says:

    a very nice associate to help me very satisfied

  174. D Franklin Says:

    i was very satisfied

  175. Gay Says:

    Halimo was very efficient and pleasant to do business with.

  176. cleve overall Says:

    Adrena was curtious helpful at the cashier line asked if we needed help so she took us first before a line arrived

  177. Judy Evans Says:

    Ijust brought three jacket and picked them up at the catalog Dept. and lady worked on early shift on Saturday morning was very polite to me. Please tell her Thanks again in the Pierre Bossier Mall store.

  178. Alma Alvarez Says:

    I went to Carson Pavillion mall to JCP, Claudia the cashier, helped me to do my shopping in the kitchen dept.She was very helpful

  179. JOYCE SUTHLIN Says:

    I really appreciate the staff of my local Penney’s store. I have always been treated well and problems solved. The merchandise is great. Today I enjoyed being waited on by Alyssa. She could have been nicer. She is intelligent and has a leadership quality. Thanks to the hiring staff of JCPenney’s

  180. Mary A. Says:

    Thank you Annie for your assistance.. Annie is very knowledgable in her job.. GOOD JOB ANNIE!!

  181. Linda Bundle Says:

    Diana was very helpfull and curtious.

  182. april brewer Says:

    caol and jo was very perfesonal and very frendly. held on my purchases while i still shopped and told me about all the specials and promotions.

  183. Carmen Parrado Says:

    Love JCPenny, always

  184. Carmen Parrado Says:

    I love JCpenny

  185. emily a. Says:

    i just brought some workout clothes from the store that were a reasonable price and of good quality. additionally, the sales associate was very friendly and informative and was even able to assist me w/ the purchase of my first jcp card. thanks to jc penny for their good merchandise and thanks to michelle for her helpful customer service. i am happy w/ my experience at jc penny.

  186. Bebie Cahoon Says:

    I loved to shop JCPenny even in a big sale event because were not waiting a long time for a casher. They put extra cashiers. Terrell was the cashier who handled my multiple transactions and he was very polite and smiling face and I received a very good cutomer service on that day.I am more eager to go back to shop this store because their cupons has no restrictions. Competative product from a other expensive store. Go JCPenny… Terrell thank you for a good service..

  187. Cheryl Fonda Says:

    Cashier very helpful.

  188. jack zimmerman Says:

    we recently looked over your jewelry dept: myself being somewhat slow certinaly apprechated your associates. they were very helpful and knowledgeable.

  189. hector Says:

    thank u very much mary pattison & allison highly for helpng me find a comforter in modesto for my granddaughter

  190. Mary Holden Says:

    Shop at Penney’s west, store was crowded but lines move smoothly

  191. PHILIP SMITH Says:

    fayetteville,ga. 12-22-11
    I just had a great experience at your store.very helpful&polite sales people were full of the Christmas sprit,THANKS PHS

  192. Diane M. Bailey Says:

    Enjoyed my shopping experience! Staff is always willing to help you find what you need at the Pierre Bossier Mall Store

  193. Patricia Says:

    mita was very helpful and polite I was highly satisfied w her services

  194. leah galvan Says:

    Karishma at the shoe department was very calm and pleasant despite of all the chaos around her.

  195. Teneshia Says:

    I always shop at JC Penny, its a great place to shop and I always buy my daughter’s clothes there.

  196. Jamie Says:

    Dana and Tom at the Algonquin Commons Store (Illinois) were extremely helpful!

  197. Jamie Says:

    Dana and Tom at the Algonquin Commons store (IL) were extremely helpful.

  198. Noemi Culque Says:

    I loved my sweater that i just bought. The service was amazing and very helpful!

  199. Joan Gern Says:

    Always satisfied with Penney’s in Ventura,CA. Today(Dec26th I was really impressed with the courteous manner of the sales staff,especially Linda C.

  200. Stacy Says:

    Ted was very helpful

  201. Melanie Lipani Says:

    Everyone was very polite and curtious,the service was fast.

  202. Julie Nin Says:

    i love jc penny , they have the best work clothes for me ….

  203. Julie Nin Says:

    i really enjoy shopping at jcpenny , they have the best work clothes for me …

  204. kevin kapler Says:

    was at ocean county mall in nj on dec26th. the sales were great. annette t. help me at the register. she was very polite& was a great help to us. all the employes at the store are very polite&help full .all store`s should have employes like that

  205. Brenda Says:

    Was helped quickly and everyone was very pleasant.

  206. Michael Robinson Says:

    I bought a pair of pants and shirt ,cashier wasd helpful

  207. connie chodnicki Says:

    I was very pleased with the friendly and helpful attitude from Kristen at the JCPenney store #1398

  208. Marilyn Petersen Says:

    Very helpful salesman. Lamp we wanted was not in stock. He ordered for us.

  209. Angie Thomas Says:

    I always know where to go after the holiday for remarkable savings. Been doing this for years.

  210. BRENDA SMARR Says:

    Just bought a beautiful dress for a wedding for my grandaughter. Great price plus recieved $10.00 off

  211. Mary Guyton Says:

    I went to the after Christmas sale. I got $100 worth of clothes for $60. The customer service was excellent.

  212. Virginia Rogers Says:

    I just spent the best 3 h0urs ever shopping… can’t believe the bargains of the quality merchandise… LOVE IT

  213. i like jv penny because they always have copuns and help me save money.. Says:

    i like jc pennys because they have cupons and that help me when i have to buy some thing i need thanks jc pennys…

  214. Javier D. Says:

    Danielle J. was very courteous at the counter when I checked out on Sunday Jan 8, very satisfied,thank you very much.

  215. Kathy Aimonetti Says:

    I had a great hair cut today. Yvonne is the best !!! Very professional and a great manager!

  216. daisy luz aguire Says:

    ms. Kim made sure that we got what we were looking for. great help.

  217. Regina Richardson Says:

    I shop womens department and I thought the cashier was very helpful & polite good experience.

  218. Janet Barnes Says:

    I believe I must have discovered a new hair dresser! I recently lost my hair dresser of several years and what a find I made ! Personality-plus and knows her job! Thank you Rane! See you next time, JB

  219. Ignacio Nevarez Says:

    I went shopping at your store at Oakland Mall in Troy, MI. It was a wonderful experience. All of your customers were great, but especially Gloria ( a hispanic lady). She was awesome. She gave me the most pleasant and best customer service ever. It is a pleasure doing business with people like her. Thanks & God bless you always.

  220. B.Orr Says:

    I visited your store today and found great bargains.Melissa was very pleasant.

  221. sara franklin Says:

    i really love jcpenny stores. tjey offer more for your money with all of their sales and regular merchandise.

  222. chanda Says:

    tanya was very polite and helpful.

  223. dina bradley Says:

    At JCPenney I can find the best selection for the best price anywhere in the States

  224. lisa slack Says:

    Carolina was great in giving great service and was very helpful and polite. Thank you.

  225. Wanda McArthur Says:

    A huge commendation should go to Ms. Carrie Chivers in the find jewelry department. Had it not been for her patience, kindness and willingness to work with me to get the right pieces of jewelry, my family Christmas would not have been a happy event for me and my girls. I have never had such courteous and smart assistance in many years of shopping. Kudos and high praise to CARRIE CHIVERS, Selling Specialist. Give the lady a raise!!

  226. Charles Kalina Says:

    In November of 2011, I shopped at the JC Penny located at East Towne Mall, in Madison, Wisconsin. Too many department stores, these days, never seem to have anyone actually in any particular department. I was happy to find Ron (Afternoon of Nov. 8th, 2011. 4:48PM…On receipt.)in the men’s wear section. I have not purchased any dress shirts in quite some time, and I was worried about getting the correct size. Ron was handy with his measuring tape, (Just try to get measured at some other place! Good-luck.)and he quickly steered me to the correct size shirts. He also helped me pick out matching pants, a tie, and a belt. (Actually, not sure if the tie came with the shirt, or not.)A guy like me is not always the most fashion conscious. But, Ron was great answering my questions, and helped me pick out pants that went well with the shirts. (Plus a belt.)
    I had a big convention to attend in Chicago, and his help was instrumental in picking out the right clothes. Ron, and JC Penny, are proof that old time service still exists.
    This service is rarely offered in most department stores, places JC Penney are few notches above other places I won’t mention. (Like, Wal-M3rt. Carefully redacted to disguise the place.)
    Thanks to JC Cenny’s for making customers still feel like we’re important. And, thanks to Ron. I feel that associates like him “get it”, and are a great asset to your business. Service like this just does’nt come along too often, these days. (Maybe in high-end places, most people can’t afford anymore.) (Ron: Assoc:0001…According to my receipt.) Thank-you, C. Kalina, Endeavor, Wisconsin.

  227. JoAnn Says:

    Doris at the local store in Peoria Illinois is extremely helpful.
    She dresses beautifully and handles herself with ladylike manners. I enjoy having her assist me. Thanks Doris

  228. Janet Molstad Says:

    I shopped at your store # 2966 on 5/2/12(at 2 p.m.) because I really like your inclusive values shown in your spokes- person(Ellen) and beautiful inclusive catalog. The clerk (Nicole) that assissted me in the big and tall men’s clothing area was excellent in every way. – very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant. She represented your store very well. In addition, the store was clean and well organized making it great and easy to shop. (Tran 8271, term 241, Asso. 0407.) What positive changes you have made! Thanks! Janet Molstad

  229. carrol sexton Says:

    Access Code:1590 422 5247 072512 1000 8
    I wanted to let you know that I was very dissatified and appalled with the catalogue order that I recently ordered. I order two bras at which I took one back to the Towne West Store. This bra had been worn and washed!! I still can’t believe that this mishap could have happened. I talked with someone at the store and they are suppose to contact the catalogue dept. to let them know what happened. They apologized, but I still wanted to let the catalogue dept. know.

    A very unhappy customer.
    Carrol Sexton

  230. Edith Hannett Says:

    I am disappointed with the new JCP. I have shopped the Big & Tall for my husband online and in the store and have not found the selection I had in the past. I had shopped for my grand-daughter in the girls plus size and have had to change to Khols due to the limited selection at the new JCP in store selection and online.

  231. Sue Clark Says:

    I’m really disappointed in the JCPenny. They don’t carry the jeans, sneakers, or shoes that I always bought. I also bought all my husbands and sons clothes in the Big – Tall section. They don’t have the variety they used to. They are the only store in our area that carries Big & Tall. Whoever made the changes to the stores made a big mistake. I always did most of my Christmas shopping at JCP. Last year I hardly did any.

  232. Linda Pedini Says:

    the service was great. Your associate, Margie was wonderful and the experience of shopping in the store, Wareham, Ma was well worth the trip.

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