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JC Penney Free Gift Cards

Posted on May 27, 2015 in General by

In these difficult economic times it’s no wonder that so many people are looking every possible way to save money. With free gift cards from JCPenney, you can get any product that is sold by JCPenney.

JCPenney Survey

But are free gift cards from JCPenney really free? How can you make sure that you aren’t just giving something away without getting anything in return? If you are looking for free gift cards from JCPenney you will no doubt come across many offers. Some of them are legitimate, others are bogus. The ones that are bogus are not always so easy to spot. People just love to take other people’s money, and they tend to be good at it.

Usually you will find that when there are free offers, like those for JCPenney cards or other department store cards you will have to participate in their program in some way or another. Now this isn’t to say that you can’t come out on top. Many times their program offers you benefits that exceed the offer of the free gift card, and you end up getting the gift card for free and then saving a lot of money by using their services. Just make sure that you read the fine print and know what you are getting into first.

You can get genuinely free JC Penney gift cards, although as you might expect some “work” is required. This is usually in the form of completing various surveys and other tasks. But if expending a bit of your time doesn’t turn you off, you can find a free $1000 JC Penney gift card right here: Free $1000 JC Penney Gift Card

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15 comments on “JC Penney Free Gift Cards

  1. Dear Jcpenny,
    I really like what you have done to the new Jcpenny in warwick mall,everything is great,i love when you go to the fitting room theres some couches with a tv to wait for a room to try something on,everything is spectacular except,when i went in and was looking i jewlery,I FELT LIKE I WAS IN MACYS BECAUSE the jewlery area LOOKED LIKE MACYS .Thank you for reading this comment I HOPE YOU CHANGE THE jewlery area in the new Jcpenny.

  2. Thanks brooke,Your service was great

    Sexy Big Eyes


  3. Marie E Herrick

    Went on line to purchase Roman Blinds, site said in store. Went to store only had basic White/Ivory. Purchased Ivory, but wantedto see the other colors

  4. Thank You I was looking for brown pants ,but didnt find any, we went all over at the highlands stores, but nothing, my wife said totry penneys, I always thought it was just for ladies, but boy was i supprised, what a wonderful place even for men and beautiful cloth , beautiful shirts and suits, thank you once more Howard Ickler

  5. Antonio J Rodriguez

    Albania thanks for you service was great JP c,lermont Florida shoes dept

  6. Thank you to Janet, in the men’s dept, at the customer service counter. She was pleasant – made me feel like a valued customer – and told me the amount of each item that was enterred into the register. I appreciated that!!!
    Carole Kane

  7. I didn’t notice the sign about shopping bags available unti after l asked Juanita in the San Jose, CA women’s dept for assistance. She took my request to “hold” my wife’s merchandise quickly and with care. Later when we payed, Juanita insisted searching for additional savings … she succeeded! Juanita’s fo cus on customer satisfaction left both of us highly satisfied! I can’t wait until the next time I contact Juanita …

  8. Patsy Hutchinson

    Thanks kimbery ,your service was great

  9. Thank you Erica-jcp. All of the sales clercks were very peofessional and corteous and when I left JCP store I was and em very setisfy. Thank you.

  10. mokena store have great people to help you

  11. Thank you Bennetta in Plano,Tx collin creek mall. you made my day with your high class services. Thank you

  12. Just wanted to let you know that your new commercial with people screeming is rediculous..It is the worst commercial you have made…It makes me not want to shop with you…

  13. thank you vinian for your great service today.:D

  14. I called J.C. Pennys and reached a very helpful employee. Glorsalla is her name and I just want to thank her for being so kind.

  15. Dean De Lashmutt

    I am retired from sales. I had the pleasure and fun working with Rhonda R at the Sioux Falls JC Penny store in the jewlery department. In all the years, I have never had a cashier make me feel like a JC Penny friend of the family. She did all she could to work on my budget for Mothers Day for my wife and daughter gifts. Simply…outstanding!

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